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Tonsillitis help?

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Hobbes2019 Wed 06-Nov-19 07:18:45

Hi, so long story short I’m feeling under the weather got A really sore throat and am coughing terribly. I am prone to tonsillitis (particularly bacterial) and have had five bouts this year but I went to a doctor and they said they couldn’t see white spots etc but that my throat was “very red”. I was wondering if it’s possible if it’s viral because I’ve never had that one before and if so do the symptoms differ pArticularly from bacterial? as I don’t feel AS bad as I usually do but also a lot of my swallowing pain appears to be coming from the roof of my mouth near the tonsils which is very sore. In September I was diagnosed with glandular fever which I have recovered from really well but I also wasn’t sure if it was possible that a few late nights and a fair bit of stress over uni recently has brought it back to a lesser extent ? Or is this simply a cold? I never get sore throats with colds but I guess it’s fairly typical for most people ? I know I sound dumb but I’m reluctant to go back to the doctor 1) in case there’s just as little they could do about it now as the other day and 2) I’m a little snowed under with work so don’t have the time pArticualry.

Thanks for your help any feedback would be great

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CherryPavlova Wed 06-Nov-19 07:29:51

You’ve seen a doctor who has suggested it’s viral. Why doubt it? What are you doing to help? Do you have a high temperature?
Regular paracetamol- take it four hourly.
Difflam to gargle with really helps.
Drink lots and use sorbet or ice cream to cool your throat.
If you feel unwell take a day off and go to bed. Tell your tutor and the work will wait a day or two.
Do you have friends who can offer some practical support and check you’re OK every now and again.

Are you far from home? If you’re a student are you young? That being the case, if you’re feeling very unwell or unhappy would your parents fetch you home to be indulged for a few days until you felt better?

I think university can see young people catch repeated throat infections- certainly our daughter had regular tonsillitis in her first and second year but luckily it’s settled down now. My husband lectures them about ‘burning the candle at both ends’.

memorygarden Wed 06-Nov-19 07:29:56

I think you are over analysing what is probably just a sore throat. It has been checked by the doctor, you have no reason or need to worry any more. If it gets worse then obviously go back, if not just carry on as you were.

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