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Right sided dizziness

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Alpacamabags Tue 05-Nov-19 20:56:58

Help please! Driving me insane.
I don't feel ill. I can be fine some days then others it's hideous. It's not dizzy as in going to faint. It's like being knocked off balance suddenly and nauseous. Usually intense for 5-10seconds then can go away/come back. Doesn't seem to be positional. Definitely worse with exercise (kickboxing) but can randomly happen walking downstairs or along the corridor.

Does anyone have any idea?? Its been over a month now. No ear pain or symptoms of infection, never on the left side.
Taking amlodipine and bendroflumethiazide for high blood pressure (its definitely still high though so not low BP causing it) also taking 150mg sertraline for depression.

I know I can go to the GP and I will if it doesn't settle but wondered if anyone else had any experience of this?
Thanks in advance.

PandaandCat Tue 05-Nov-19 21:57:59

I would see your doctor now rather than wait.

I've got no medical background so please get professional advice but I've had similar (not identical but one sided and suddenly off balance on one side, can't speak or can't move an arm temporarily) and on my brain MRI it showed mini-strokes. There are other less serious causes like a problem with one ear but I think it's best to get tested as soon as possible so a serious cause can be ruled in or out. It can also be anxiety but if you aren't aware of feeling anxious it's less likely and its best to get thoroughly investigated anyway.

wineandsunshine Sat 09-Nov-19 18:22:45

I had this - GP prescribed stemetil - wonder drug!

I've need it on two separate occasions!

JemimaPuddleCat Sat 09-Nov-19 18:44:02

Have you looked at BPPV?

Alpacamabags Sat 09-Nov-19 19:20:59

Sorry I missed all these replies. It's settled down a bit now but if it persists I'll go to gp this week.
It definitely comes in waves when I'm exercising and I can't head roll without it happening and when walking downstairs. Not so much sitting to standing or lying though x

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