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What fluids can you keep down after the flu?

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Frownette Tue 05-Nov-19 02:05:09

I'm definitely not ready for food, but this is frustrating, I've tried tap water with sliced oranges and limes, tea, squash, and tonight hot honey and water.

All comes back up. This is frustrating!

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Frownette Tue 05-Nov-19 02:06:19

*hot honey and lemon

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Gingerkittykat Tue 05-Nov-19 02:11:53

Try ginger tea with some sugar in it. You can buy teabags or just make it with sliced ginger steeped in boiling water.

Ice poles or ice lollies are also a good way to get some fluids into your system.

Frownette Tue 05-Nov-19 02:13:41

Thank you

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LucheroTena Tue 05-Nov-19 02:31:06

Lucozade. Always the only thing that’s palatable with nausea.

Frownette Tue 05-Nov-19 12:31:19

Well I got that totally wrong - I banged my head really hard and the cold/flu symptoms are emblematic of concussion. So I happily got a cup of and that hasn't come up.

Thanks for the liquid advice through smile

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