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Has anyone had high BP in late twenties.

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Starlet79 Mon 04-Nov-19 20:15:35

Visited the doctors (for the first time in 3-4 year’s a week or two ago). He didn’t tell me the exact number but he told me my Bp was slightly high but said it ‘wasn’t too bad’. He said it may of been higher as I was very anxious about being there, also in pain at the time and feeling unwell.

He sent me to reception to book an all day BP monitor as he wants to see what my Bp is throughout the day. That’s in a couple weeks..

I’m 27, nearly 28. Diet isn’t the best but not terrible, not overly active but definitely not inactive. Non smoker, T-total. Heart problems do run in my family so it scares me..

Anyone else had high BP in twenties?

I also a suffer from anxiety. Does that make it go up considerably?


I won’t know what my BP is like until the monitor and I’m also having tests for other things.

But say for instance my Bp is high would I be put on medication for it or would lifestyle changes be recommended instead?

Everything I read online about BP seems to be about older adults or high blood pressure in pregnancy (which I also had but weirdly no one has wanted to check it regularly since).

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MissConductUS Mon 04-Nov-19 20:22:16

I had primary hypertension in my 20's, it's not exclusive to older adults. For a lot of people it's just hereditary.

Treatment depends on how high it is. If it's very high they go straight to medication. If it's just a bit elevated they'll start with lifestyle changes.

Don't be to resistant to medication. I've been on it for ages with no side effects, and it does a very good job of controlling my BP. You might want to spend a few quid and buy one of those machines you can use to check your BP at home anytime you like. Omron is very good. I check mine a few times a week, then upload the results into a smartphone app and can share them with my doctor.

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