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Three weeks - should I be worried?

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Sunflowersok Fri 01-Nov-19 08:56:38

I’ve been ill with virus symptoms for three weeks now. It started with some irritation in my throat and fatigue, to full on mucus coughing and a temp. After ten days my throat started getting inflamed and I could barely swallow or sleep with the pain. I suffered in work for two week before I went off sick.

They told me last week at the docs after being ill for two weeks that they didn’t think it was a case for antibiotics and to come back if it lingered longer than three weeks or it went to my ears.

It’s definitely in my ears now the pain is searing.

I thought I was getting better this week but the last two days I’ve felt worse confused

I was so tired yesterday I felt like I’d been drugged or something, I just couldn’t wake up. I tried to get up around two for the school run, tried walking up the stairs and I just felt like a huge weight was on my body pulling me down.

Today I’ve woken up sore again, the pains definitely notched up one. I have booked myself another app because I can’t see myself being back in work for Monday and I’ve had to cancel my daughters birthday plans this weekend, I feel awful over it all.

I know I sound like I’m being paranoid but I work in infectious diseases and I’ve been spending a lot of time in a clinical environment and I’m worried that I’ve picked up some kind of strain of nasty.

Should I be well worried or do viruses last this long??!!

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FloraFoxton Fri 01-Nov-19 10:28:27

Is this flu I wonder?

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