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Fluish (Dizzy, Shaky, Nausea) during periods

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PumpkinPandaandBlackTurtleCat Fri 01-Nov-19 00:22:11

Always feel dizzy, shaky, nausea during periods - dizziness and shaky is much worse than nausea.

Had blood tests at doctors - sometimes I come out anaemic and low folic acid but even in the past when had medicine for that I still get this in periods. Currently not anaemic. Gynaecologist said it will be hormones and exercise which admittedly I haven't done a lot of but when I'm feeling like this not capable of exercise anyway. Could exercise more inbetween but wondered if anyone knew of anything that helps. Mid 40s and started a couple of years ago but doctors say it's not perimenopause. Drinking seems to help a little but not massively. Thanks.

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BillHadersNewWife Fri 01-Nov-19 01:10:25

I get it just before...I thought I was about to faint two days ago and then my period arrived today. I spent two days battling faintness and dizziness. I think I need more exercise and a better diet too. I'm 47. No sign of periods slowing down yet.

I probably need iron. I don't eat a lot of meat.

PandaandCat Fri 01-Nov-19 23:14:11

Thanks - sorry to hear you have it too.

My diet is OK and weight is OK but exercise is pretty non-existent so I should change that. I keep saying that!

It could be I go anaemic in periods though maybe falling estrogen. I still have periods but quite irregular at times.

rosie39forever Sat 02-Nov-19 08:15:34

I was exactly the same, as soon as I hit my 40s I got terrible flu like symptoms ever month along with massive floody periods. I've always exercised and eaten relatively healthy but it just got worse every month. I finally got the mirena coil which has been a lifesaver, it stopped my periods completely so no period and no symptoms. I'm now 50 and last year added oestrogen patches and feel like I did in my 20s!

Lou0390 Sat 02-Nov-19 08:22:33

I have this, I'm early 30's. I'm thinking of getting the coil but was worried about the side effects like weight gain. Has anyone experience this. Thanks

rosie39forever Sat 02-Nov-19 10:01:31

Lou, I actually lost nearly 2 stone when I got the mirena because I felt so well with no periods I had tonnes more energy and was able to exercise more. I got the coil 5 years ago and have kept the weight off. I know not everyone gets on with the mirena but it's worked wonders for me. the coil itself doesn't cause weight gain but progesterone does increase your appetite so as long as your careful about what you eat and drink you shouldn't gain weight.

PandaandCat Sat 02-Nov-19 12:25:21

Rosie That's great the coil stopped this for you, no periods sounds great. I have been offered it twice in past but was wary of it but maybe should have taken it.

Lou Feel for you having this early 30s - has your doctor run blood tests for things like anaemia and hormones, there's probably a few other things they'll want to test too.

Hoping mine will stop when periods stop but that could be a few years yet. Now period is over I feel fine so I think it must be connected to either hormones (low estrogen?) or anaemia or maybe both.

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