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Can I safely take both these supplements?

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AnuvvaMuvva Thu 31-Oct-19 22:58:52

I'm taking Menopace every day, and I love it! But my hair is starting to thin out dramatically so I wanted to add a hair supplement too, called Viviscal.

Is it safe to take these together? Could I be overdosing in any vitamins? Their ingredients are below - the first is Menopace and the second is Viviscal. You take 1 Menopace pill a day, but 2 Viviscal.

Any advice would be fab, thanks. 😊

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AnuvvaMuvva Thu 31-Oct-19 23:02:33

I had hair loss like this last year when my heavy periods sent my Ferratin levels down to 35. I took iron, and Viviscal, and Florisene (a different hair pill) and my hair grew back. I stopped taking everything earlier this year and now my hair's thinning again.

I'm on the coil now so I'm not having periods, do you think it might be worth getting my Ferratin levels checked again? I don't know what else could be causing the thinning.

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Herland Thu 31-Oct-19 23:12:14

Sorry can't answer your question about vitamins because I'm not a hcp but I'm wondering if you've had your thyroid checked. My hair is so much thinner since I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid.

AnuvvaMuvva Thu 31-Oct-19 23:16:59

Thanks for your post. smile I had loads of blood tests last year and my thyroid was fine. I could ask for that to be checked again, though?

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AnuvvaMuvva Fri 01-Nov-19 11:17:47

Bump! Anyone here know about safe levels of vitamins? Thanks smile

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PandaandCat Fri 01-Nov-19 11:22:38

I would check with a pharmacist or a doctor. You aren't supposed to take too much iron so I wouldn't take 2 supplements containing iron without medical advice. I always check for one.

AnuvvaMuvva Fri 01-Nov-19 11:25:20

A pharmacist is a great idea, thank you. I'd forgotten about them!

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