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Do you have low blood pressure?

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elephanto Thu 31-Oct-19 19:16:04

And if you do what happens when it's bad?

I keep feeling faint or dizzy and this evening I got really bad double vision and had to lie on the floor with my feet up for over an hour before I started to feel normal again. Now I'm left with a stonking headache.

The dr has suggested it might be low blood pressure but he didn't seem to sure

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MollyButton Thu 31-Oct-19 19:28:42

Don't accept that diagnosis, and go back and get tests. I have low blood pressure it has never been that bad. It could be a range of things including POTS.

OhDeari Thu 31-Oct-19 19:33:19

You can buy a bp monitor for about 35 for Amazon. I had one but I broke it (wrong batteries or something). It was interesting.
Generally normal BP on the low side. I'd feel nauseous though if it was low. I've had BP of 60/40 though and managed to walk downstairs to an ambulance - so I don't seem to get the fainting much (though that time I was starting to feel faint).

redchocolatebutton Thu 31-Oct-19 19:34:29

very low blood pressure and slow heartbeat.
I have only ever fainted in pregnancy, however I cannot hold my arms above head for longer than a few seconds or I feel dizzy and sick.

has the dr listened to your heart/referred you for an ecg?

ScarlettDarling Thu 31-Oct-19 19:38:39

Did the doctor check your blood pressure? I have low bp and get dizzy spells every day, usually when I get up after sitting/ lying down for a while. My vision does go funny too however it only ever takes seconds to get back to normal. I've never had to lie down for an hour to feel normal.

Deux Thu 31-Oct-19 19:45:14

I’ve got low BP too but never had to lie down for an hour to recover. I think you need to see your GP to rule out other conditions, check for anaemia etc.

My GP said that low BP is not medicated in the UK but is in other countries. Remaining hydrated helps and i do like salty foods.

Lobsterquadrille2 Thu 31-Oct-19 19:49:59

My "normal" bp is about 90/50 - I also have very low blood sugar and have fainted a few times in the past, but usually with warning like feeling dizzy or flashing lights. I've been advised there's not much I can do but increase salt consumption. It's not really caused me many problems.

elephanto Thu 31-Oct-19 20:01:30

Thanks all. The feeling faint and dizzy has been going on for a month now and today is the worst it's been. I have a toddler and it scared the crap out of me that I might pass out and he'd be fending for himself.

The dr checked my heart and said it was fine. Looked in my ears and said the same. He took my blood pressure sitting down and standing up and tomorrow I'm going in to have a 24 blood pressure monitor thing set up.

I've had 3 rounds of blood tests and nothing has come up on those either

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Deux Fri 01-Nov-19 01:02:38

I hope you get some answers from the BP test. Have you had your vitamin D tested? Low levels can have all sorts of effects. I think there’s a relationship between low BP, anaemia and Vit D but can’t remember what it is. Maybe someone else knows?

When I went through a period of feeling very unwell it turned out I had a massive Vit D deficiency so worth checking if yours has been tested.

Deux Fri 01-Nov-19 01:09:16

This article is about elderly women but maybe if interest?

elephanto Fri 01-Nov-19 06:25:07

@Deux that's really helpful - vitamin d is the one blood test they've said was inconclusive and I have to go and have done again!!

8 hours sleep and I'm still feeling a bit weird and have a pounding headache. Seriously anxious about looking after ds all day today

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Pukeworthy Fri 01-Nov-19 06:29:38

I have low blood pressure, doesnt affect me as much as that. Im a bit prone to migraines if i dont drink enough. It's only a problem for me if i get seriously acutely stressed, then i dont so much faint as just go to sleep! (Its very weird)

elephanto Sat 02-Nov-19 11:20:15

Every time the monitor goes off I've been checking it. It's said normal every time except when I walked to the shop and it said 154/129 and then 160/130.

Does this mean high blood pressure? Does high blood pressure lead to feeling dizzy and faint?

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Oldmum55 Sat 02-Nov-19 11:26:09

I wouldn't check the 24 hrs bp monitor, just carry on doing what you would normally do. If you can stop while it's inflating but don't think about it. You will just have to wait until the GP gets the readings and they'll have a better idea of what's going on.

Katharinblum Sun 03-Nov-19 13:45:46

High bp can cause double vision, headache, dizziness in itself, diastolic readings are very high, admittedly on exertion.

elephanto Sun 03-Nov-19 19:51:10

Thanks @Katharinblum

I'm hoping the dr will get back to me early this week

Is there anything I can do about high blood pressure?

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Oldmum55 Sun 03-Nov-19 20:53:23

You need to be diagnosed first. If you do have high bp the doctor will recommend a change in lifestyle first, lose weight if needed, stop smoking, drinking, more exercise etc. If all fails they'll start you on a low dose medication first and see how you respond. I have high bp but never had symptoms like headache or dizziness. The dizziness in fact is more likely to be caused by low bp.

elephanto Sun 03-Nov-19 21:08:07

I'm getting myself in such a state about all this.

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Dontdisturbmenow Mon 04-Nov-19 14:38:14

I have always had low blood pressure but went very low to the point of fainting when I was pregnant and during the perimenopause. I also had very low resting heart rate.

The latter was really bad, especially in the mornings to the point where I could drive, exercise or engage in meetings for a few hours. Got referred to cardiologist who confirmed the findings but said there wasn't much to do.

I'm now fully in the menopause and just like after giving birth, BP and heart rate have gone up, still low compared to the average but I'm only rarely feeling faint and dizzy.

No doubt that in my case, its hormones related.

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