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Headache virus?

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pinksoda35 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:08:08

I have had a virus of some kind, which started with a head and neck ache,I had chills and felt so weak and crappy that I stayed in bed for 3 days..gradually started to feel better, yet I am left with this headache.
On Sat it will have been 2 weeks.
I did go to the Doctors on Monday because I didn't like the idea of something hanging around for so long and not really knowing why.
Doc confirmed a virus( flu) yet I had no cold or cough and still have no other symptom except this dull headache.
I have suffered with HA in the oast and can feel as time goes on that this is slowly creeping back, I am googling and always worrying about how long the headache is going to stick around for and because the Doc didn't really do anything much that something could be missed.
Almost 2 weeks with a constant headache??
It is getting me down now and I just feel like going back to bed all the time.
Please can anyone there a Headachy virus going around?
Has anyone else had this?
Should I perhaps go back to the Doctors? ( though I hate going as I feel like a time waster)
Next week if i am no better I am going for an eye test(i wear contacts and it wasn't that long that I last got my eyes checked, but want to cover all bases)
Thank you

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IndieTara Thu 31-Oct-19 09:16:05

I have never heard of a headache virus but headaches are often one of the symptoms of a virus/infection/illness etc

Could you be dehydrated?
Are you getting enough sleep?

I'm a very headachey person and also get migraines. It's normal for me to often have a headache and they have been known to last a couple of weeks sometimes.

If that's not normal for you then I'd take the doctors advice but go back in a week or so if nothing is better

Oldmum55 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:27:33

I always recommend a visit to the opticians. They can see a lot more of what's going on than a GP and can advise or refer.

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