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Struggling with broken leg

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Ivebeenbetter Thu 31-Oct-19 08:09:34

I couldn't find any recent posts on this and I really need some words of reassurance.
I broke my leg at the end of September. After a week in hospital (my first visit ever) and surgery to insert plates and pins I went to stay with my daughter for a few weeks.
I'm home now and really struggling. I live alone in a regular 2 story house.
I can get around, using various methods but it's so frustrating not to mention exhausting!
I've been to work a few times but as a retail manager feel useless.
I'm in a cast and will be non weight bearing for at least another couple of weeks.
I'm feeling really sorry for myself at the moment.
Anyone out there that can cheer me up?🙏

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unfathomablefathoms Sat 02-Nov-19 12:45:06

Yikes. It's a shame it's not exactly a "sit outside and enjoy the sunshine" time of year.

Something I do when I'm feeling beaten down and useless is to start an achievements log. At the end of each day I write down the things I managed to do that were difficult but I still managed, things I did to help myself get better, signs of progress etc. Anything positive.

So it's very much about giving yourself credit for the small things and making sure your frustrated feelings don't overshadow or stop you seeing the progress/better moments and giving those good things a bit more weight.

It might sound silly but it can help.

How are you filling your time?

ClientListQueen Sat 02-Nov-19 12:48:43

A few tips
Cross body bag for stuff like your phone or even a bum bag (forget style here)
A chair - stand on good leg, rest knee of bad leg on chair. Means you can stand for a bit with better balance
Waterproof cast cover if you haven't got one
Box sets. Lots
Rest, healing is tiring!
A grabber for picking things up

Ivebeenbetter Sat 02-Nov-19 14:44:29

Thank you so much for the tips. @unfathomablefathoms I'm actually feeling a bit better today.
I do try to remind myself of all the things I thought I'd never be able to achieve with one leg but have!
Also I think of those a lot worse off than me. Amputees for example. Mine will be fixed in time. Sadly that is not the case for everyone. 😢
Thanks again

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