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Prolonged bleeding 5 months after birth

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Limitedsimba123 Thu 31-Oct-19 06:58:45

I gave birth to DD2 just under 5 months ago. Had lochia for around 10 days and then around 5 weeks after birth had my first period which was completely normal. I then had another normal period but then my next period was slightly late and I haven’t stopped bleeding since, it has been about 6 weeks now, some days it’s really heavy and some days just a bit of spotting.

Have been to GP who gave me progesterone tablets to stop the bleeding so she can examine me at a return appointment. Have had full bloods done that are fine except raised LFTs. She examined me 3 days later, took some swabs and told me to stop taking the tablets. I did and the bleeding came back the next day, much heavier than usual.

Has anyone else experienced this, as I didn’t have any of this with DD1?


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