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Heart Stents

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SnorkMaiden81 Tue 29-Oct-19 05:56:41

My Mum was diagnosed with angina a few months ago and has had a couple of unpleasant episodes.
She's been through all the tests (dye in the bloodstream etc) and the consultant phoned her at 19:30 last night to inform her they'd looked at her results and an artery close to her heart is nearly blocked.
They intend to enter through her arm and insert a stent.

This is all very new for us and I don't know anyone who has had this done although I believe it is common. Has anyone any experience of this? Is it risky? Will she be ok?

I'll be there for her throughout obviously...

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SnorkMaiden81 Tue 29-Oct-19 05:57:04

She's 68, by the way.

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darkriver19886 Tue 29-Oct-19 06:02:23

Hi, I didn't read and run
My best friend who is 60 this year had a stent put in about two years ago after a heart attack. He is doing well.

Every operation is risky but, not having the op could have a worse outcome. The doctors will have done this plenty of times. I understand how scary it is though.

lovesapinot Tue 29-Oct-19 06:06:17


My dad has had various stents out in throughout his life due to to severe angina.

For him they go in through his groin and whilst awake (they have to be) but the difference to his life is quite miraculous- he's like a new man!

I hope it goes well for her.

mclover Tue 29-Oct-19 06:39:32

Yes have had a few in my family - natural to be nervous during the op but it's pain free, quite fascinating as you can watch on a screen, couple of days after they will want to rest, but afterwards will feel sooooo much better

SnorkMaiden81 Tue 29-Oct-19 18:36:19

Brilliant thanks so much all. I'll try not to worry and to alleviate hers too.

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