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something sticking out of my hernia wound

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Masonstales Mon 28-Oct-19 23:34:40

I just recently had hernia surgery and they said that they stitched my hernia back together and taped my skin back together to let it self heal. I'm now 3 weeks past surgery and I noticed a white tiny string sticking out of my skin in the incision scar. And when I tug on it it seems to still be in me. Do you know what it is?

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LemonPrism Mon 28-Oct-19 23:39:54

Probably a stitch has pulled. It should be rejected out eventually but I'd get it checked if it irritates you or the area gets hot/red/leaks anything

Aquamarine1029 Mon 28-Oct-19 23:46:14

It's just an internal stitch. It will soon fall off so don't worry.

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