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if you have inhalers and chest issues would you go to a bonfire night?

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EleanorReally Mon 28-Oct-19 09:02:00

Because I did on saturday and my chest felt awful yesterday,
is this my life now? avoiding bonfire nights/processions/fireworks?

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JenniR29 Mon 28-Oct-19 14:04:19

Are you complying with your inhaler regime? If so it may be worth getting your peak flow tested if you’ve never been triggered by bonfire smoke before. If not then make sure you are using your inhalers as prescribed.

Sadly some people do find their chest gets worse in certain situations and unfortunately it’s just a case of avoiding them. It’s just not worth the risk.

OdddSocks Mon 28-Oct-19 14:21:50

Yes, to having inhalers and breathing issues, and so yes to avoiding all bonfire type celebrations.

I work on the premise that if you can smell it, then you have inhaled it.
Better safe than sorry. Hope you get well soon.

bloodywhitecat Mon 28-Oct-19 14:29:50

Was it the bonfire or the sudden drop in temp? Mine is bad today because the weather has gotten noticeable colder overnight. I am OK with bonfires so long as I try to stand away from any smoke.

Kaykay06 Mon 28-Oct-19 14:34:02

You need to be careful, even going from warm to very cold temps if you have asthma and ensure you take inhalers etc as prescribed. My son goes to firework night but wears a snood and hat etc so well wrapped up and nose/mouth covered and he’s never had an issue, he covers his neck/mouth with snood when v cold too it does help.

It’s not something that is on all the time so you can avoid it or watch fireworks from window. It’s rubbish when your health affects your life like that but to stay well you have to adapt a bit. Asthma uk website is a very good outlet for professional advice if you wanted to look

Skap Mon 28-Oct-19 14:43:34

I have asthma and bronchiectasis. I would never go to a bonfire, if you can smell smoke then it's going in your lungs. They are over rated anyway.

INeedNewShoes Mon 28-Oct-19 14:50:38

I have asthma and have always gone to bonfire night and not noticed any exacerbation of symptoms.

RedJoan Mon 28-Oct-19 14:52:11

Same here, bonfires are fine. Cold temps are not so fine.

EleanorReally Mon 28-Oct-19 15:49:27

Thanks all, I have a cold anyway, not wheezing just a dry chest afterwards

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