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Swollen and watery eye - HELP

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SummersB Mon 28-Oct-19 05:48:09

Got up this morning and my left eye has a swelling underneath my usual eye bags/under eye circle, sort of on my upper cheekbone. My eye is also watering excessively. I’ve tried to google it but all that comes up is an infection or some irritant in the eye. But it’s not red or painful at all, just very watery and I look as though I’ve been punched because of the swelling. Any idea what might have caused this and how I can get rid?? I look ridiculous!

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underneaththeash Mon 28-Oct-19 17:46:35

Blocked tear duct? If you have a google and look at the images. They can get blocked sometimes due to an infection or a injury. They do sometimes sort themselves out.
But, if it's worse in the morning (more painful/red eye/pussy) see your gp as you may need some systemic antibiotics. If it hasn't cleared in 24-48 hours, but is no worse, see an optometrist.

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