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Does anyone know what this is?

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StripyTShirt Sun 27-Oct-19 21:18:53

Been there for a few weeks and hasn't bothered me but tonight it's itchy. Anyone know what it could be?

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SarahLovesMarmite Sun 27-Oct-19 21:22:43

Ringworm I think. Not a worm but a fungal infection.

Lyn29 Sun 27-Oct-19 21:25:19

My first thought was ringworm.

Ciwirocks Sun 27-Oct-19 21:26:24

Yes it looks like ringworm. You need to see your GP for treatment

frogsbreath Sun 27-Oct-19 21:27:40

Ringworm. You can get treatment from a pharmacist.

Elieza Sun 27-Oct-19 21:35:40

If it’s ringworm I think that’s one of those things which is highly contagious.

IndieTara Sun 27-Oct-19 21:50:30

If it's ringworm it's just treatment with Canesten cream but it takes a good few weeks

NoSauce Sun 27-Oct-19 21:54:28

It could be discoid eczema. Best to get it checked OP.

StripyTShirt Sun 27-Oct-19 21:57:30

Thanks everyone I'll see if I can see the GP tomorrow grin

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Wizzbangpop Sun 27-Oct-19 22:04:55

Looks like ringworm. Go to go and they'll prescribe a antifungal/ hydrocortisone cream iirc when I had it

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