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Needing your tips

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peakygal Sun 27-Oct-19 16:27:26

Has anyone any tips for severe constipation? Preferably non medicated..Have tried so many tips and am currently trying pineapple juice but nothing's helped sad

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CherryPavlova Sun 27-Oct-19 16:32:06

Drink lots of coffee, go running, eat figs, apricots, sweetcorn, onions, prunes, beans and high fibre vegetables and fruit. Keep drinking lots of water. Go for another run or long walk.

mankyfourthtoe Sun 27-Oct-19 16:45:13

Strong coffee on an empty stomach
Spoon of coconut oil

YogaLite Sun 27-Oct-19 22:06:58

I found limiting wheat (when my ds went gluten free) fixed my constipation.

Things like flaxseeds are supposed to be good, but not in excess.

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