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Is this rash worth a GP appointment? Pic attached

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Needanickname1 Sun 27-Oct-19 13:25:59

I have had these spots come up. The are small and red and do not fade when I push a glass on them.

I am not worried about something awful and acute, because they have been coming up slowly over the space of a couple of weeks. I am not unwell other than feeling very tired (but I do have a chronic illness anyway).

I have a few on my stomach and some on my arms. I am gradually getting more as time goes on. It seems silly to have a doctors appointment over a few spots. But they are also a bit odd and I wondered if anyone could advise on whether I should see a doctor?

Was hard to take a photo but you can see a couple here.

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BeerandBiscuits Sun 27-Oct-19 14:29:53

They might be cherry haemangiomas.

DeathMetalMum Sun 27-Oct-19 14:32:16

Try the pharmacy first they may be able to help. If they can't then they will probably advise the GP.

honeybunlatte Sun 27-Oct-19 14:39:19

I can't see a rash in your photo.
I've got plenty of those small red moles though. They are completely normal.

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