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Cif in eye

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Ksblue Sun 27-Oct-19 04:32:28

I was using the Cif cream cleaner (with microparticles) to clean the bathroom and it's apparently abrasive. Somehow a little bit splashed right in the corner of my eye, not the outer, but inside. I just stood there in disbelief until I felt stinging and instantly washed my eye out for like 3 minutes (it d
says for several minutes). Looked online what I can do and it says not to use anything like eye drops unless advised or seen by doctor :/. It's not hurting at all, but my eye feels weird. Like I've been rubbing it for way too long or something. I can't explain it very well, but it's also like there's an eyelash that's too long almost? Not in a painful way, I can just feel it there. Don't want any eye damage... anyone know anything that can help/what I should do?

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