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Breast itching and pain, go back to GP?

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Talkthirtytome Sun 27-Oct-19 01:13:51

I'm 31 and for about 9 months I've been getting this persisant itch on my left breast. It doesn't feel like it's my skin if that makes sense, it's like an internal itch. I'd been getting pain in my shoulder blade at the same side prior and the first doctor I saw thought it might have been connected. The last doctor I saw examined me fully and said that she could feel no lumps and couldn't see any rashes so she wasn't concerned enough to even refer me. She said she expects it to be one of those things that will go away on its own as long as there is no lumps or rashes. But I've still not got answers. Anyone experienced anything similar? Sometimes it can feel really painful and heavy then other times it's ok just this itch.

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