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Immunisations: does ds need this booster or have they messed up?

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rosmerta Thu 16-Aug-07 15:37:16

Ds is 18m and after his last immunisation, the nurse said he wouldn't need anything further until he was 5. This week, I've got a letter saying he's to have a hib/men c booster (which is this afternoon).

Now, I've asked friends with dcs the same age and no-one else has got this. Has anyone else had it or have the surgery messed up somehow?


SlightlyMadSpider Thu 16-Aug-07 15:40:03

They have changed the schedule and I believe they have recently started offering Hib/MenC booster at 12/13m. I think this was about 6m ago - so they are probably just catching up with a new schedule.

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