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Possible UTI... help please

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whatdayisit7 Fri 25-Oct-19 22:03:09

At about 7 this evening I was struck down with what felt like a UTI (been fine all day). I've had lots of water this evening to try and flush it out but I'm still feeling uncomfortable. I'm trying to rest in bed but it's feeling impossible at the minute. Any tips?

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SoftSheen Fri 25-Oct-19 22:11:46

You need to get some cystitis relief sachets (CanesOasis or supermarket own brand equivalent). Follow the instructions and they do help. Keep drinking lots and lots of water. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, spices, peppermint and anything that could conceivably irritate your bladder.

However, if this doesn't work you may end up needing to see your GP.

whatdayisit7 Fri 25-Oct-19 22:44:13

I've had a little spot of blood so feel like I'll need an appointment. Monday is a long way away sad.

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NumberblockNo1 Fri 25-Oct-19 22:49:39

If you ring your doctors do you get an put of hours number? We can see an out of hours gp at the hospital but in a different clinic, so not AnE. Or possibly through nhs direct?

Clevs Fri 25-Oct-19 22:51:11

If you feel you can't wait until Monday ring 111 for an out of hours appointment.

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