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What’s a ‘small capacity’ bladder?

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naericht Fri 08-Nov-19 22:42:39

Just to update (in case anyone ever googles similar and finds this) - GP says bladder was abnormally small, and when filling with urine was being overstretched leading to nerve damage and pain - and ??future risk of renal damage if not managed . Says management is pain control, ?yearly cystoscopy hydrodistention and dilation, and bladder training . Also to go for more urodynamics and voiding studies ... GP says likely born that way - just an ‘anatomical feature’ ...

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naericht Tue 29-Oct-19 13:27:38

That’s what’s confused me more than anything - that it doesn’t fit together .

Spoke to specialist nurse this morning and she said she isn’t sure, they think it’s my bladder malfunctioning but they aren’t sure why or how . Definitely small bladder capacity/100 ml in size - although they’ve stretched it to 550 and stretched urethra to size 30 French CC thingy .

Residual volume I’m not sure , I usually have a residual of about 100ml but I’m hospital it’s been as high as 650/1 litre before .

I’ve no idea except that I very rarely get any urge to go, they said I should have needed every half hour or so and that’s never been the case except with a UTI . It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at all . Previously had urodynamics and they showed bladder as not really contracting at all . Suppose in theory I could be filling up bladder and stretching it hence pain, then I go to the loo and it’s relieved a little bit . That might explain things . I dunno.

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Babdoc Sat 26-Oct-19 09:11:29

I’m rather puzzled by the mismatch between your very small bladder size and your only needing the loo 2 or 3 times a day, OP. If they’re right that you only have 100ml capacity, and you only pee 3 times, that’s only 300mls of urine a day. An average adult should be producing 50mls per hour during the day.
So either you are desperately dehydrated, or there is a mistake somewhere.
Are you sure they said your bladder “total” volume was 100mls, or did they say that was your “residual” volume? The residual is what’s left behind if your bladder isn’t emptying properly, which may well be the case with urethral stenosis.
I’d ask your GP to show you the discharge letter they got from the urologist, and in the meantime make sure you’re drinking enough fluids.

newnameagainagain Fri 25-Oct-19 22:09:49

I know that On average a 500ml capacity is good.
Can't help you with any other questions though

naericht Fri 25-Oct-19 22:02:52

Got told in hospital last week my bladder was 100ml capacity with urethral stenosis as well . Not a clue if 100ml capacity means the whole organ is tiny !

Doctor stretched bladder out to 500ml , and dilated urethra under GA. Surgeon came round to see me in recovery but I was off my face and clueless as to what was said .

Doctor the next morning (registrar) said to me that it’s probably congenital, and will need stretched every year and won’t get better . Also said I need urodynamics doing - as I only pee 2/3 times a day and rarely get an urge, just pain . They said by rights should have needed the loo every hour or more .

I’ve had catheters dozens of times , and trained to self cath too . Prone to UTIs - seven over the summer .

I can’t see a GP for another two weeks and a bit clueless as to what small bladder likely means - and what might happen next . I’ve not heard of this before, previous diagnosis was an atomic bladder but now they’re saying it’s overactive . Online just talks about incontinence , bladder removal and renal issues ...

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience and can out my mind at rest a bit til can see GP!

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