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Problem with flatulence/bowel movements..

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asblackasyoursoul Fri 25-Oct-19 19:36:31

Hi all, this is quite embarrassing so please bear with me!
For a while now I’ve been feeling the need to pass gas, for example today the need was so extreme it made me feel nauseous.
The problem is when I go to the toilet I will sit and strain for a few minutes and nothing comes out at all!
Eventually after what feels like a while I will pass a large amount of noisy flatulence (sorry!) and then have a large bowel movement.

I don’t think it’s constipation because there isn’t any trouble with the bowel movement, that comes out straight after I pass gas and is of ‘normal’ consistency.

It seems to feel like the flatulence is “stuck” and I need that to come out before I can pass a bowel movement.

Anyone got any ideas? Thank you!

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