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Headache For Days

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pinksoda35 Fri 25-Oct-19 19:29:42

For a week now I have been suffering with a headache.
The first 4 days I had a sore stiff neck also and just felt really out of it!!
I have been in bed the last few days because sitting up and walking around hurt too much and I was also feeling a bit dizzy.
I am much better today but the headache is still there, sort of in the background.. Just getting fed up of it all now.
Just wondering if anyone else has been ill with this? Is it some sort of virus going around?

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Eleanorbellanor Fri 25-Oct-19 19:30:43

GP job

HappyHammy Fri 25-Oct-19 19:31:51

Headache with a stiff neck and dizziness should be assessed by a doctor, glad you're feeling better but you could ring 111 for their advice,

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