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Can IBS suddenly come in in midlife? Is this IBS?

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Thelowquietsea Fri 25-Oct-19 19:06:28

I'm nearly 50 and for the past month I've had stomach issues. I've never had IBS before.

Either I have a burning in my stomach, my stomach feels bloated, sometimes it looks VERY bloated, my bowel movements have changed (softer and slightly more urgent) and a feeling of reflux. I was out in a restaurant on Sat and it felt like i had a real flare up, and it was bad for a few days. It calmed down, but still bloated and today I feel really sore and bloated again. and totally knackered.

I've got a doc's appointment in a week in case it doesn't go. I keep thinking it might be a bug? I didn't think IBS just developed. Worse case, I worry it's something more serious.

I'm post menopausal on HRT but never had a change going on it before.

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midcenturylegs Fri 25-Oct-19 19:30:44

Ouch. 💐
I've had IBS for decades, but am no medical prof so can't really advise on what it could be.
Keep a food diary between now and when you see your GP, log your flare-ups and check out the FOD MAP diet (recommended by my GP & gastro specialist for IBS). I think if the flare-ups don't coincide with eating the "bad" foods listed by FOD MAP then you will be able to push for tests straight away as you'll have eliminated it being IBS.

Best of luck!

Thelowquietsea Fri 25-Oct-19 20:19:15

thanks. I have to say, I don't eat wheat, barely have dairy, don't eat sugar or much fruit...I'm pretty clean! And have been for a long time. So, I'd be very surprised if it's food related, although who can say

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TroysMammy Fri 25-Oct-19 20:25:57

Are you under any stress at all?

Thelowquietsea Fri 25-Oct-19 20:41:27

No stress - nope

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Jouska Fri 25-Oct-19 21:05:54

It is unlikely to get IBS for the first time at 50. It is good to get it checked out as there are things the Dr needs to eliminate.

Paddington68 Fri 25-Oct-19 21:07:57

DO see the doctor incase it's gallbladder. Which is more common at 50

HappyHarlot Fri 25-Oct-19 21:08:23

Go to see your GP. These are also symptoms of ovarian cancer. It probably isn't, but you need to rule it out. Ask for a CA125 blood test.

FrenchyQ Fri 25-Oct-19 21:13:38

I had pretty much the same symptoms last month, Doc diagnosed acute gastritis

Thelowquietsea Fri 25-Oct-19 21:29:32

Thanks all. I know that it presents with similar symptoms to ovarian cancer, but trying not to think about that!

Acute gastritis sounds possible - @FrenchyQ - how did you get rid of it?

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FrenchyQ Fri 25-Oct-19 22:15:46

Was prescribed a month of high dose lansaprazole. Doc said it can be caused by stress.

Thelowquietsea Sat 26-Oct-19 07:53:47

@FrenchyQ - did the sort it out? Do yu feel better now?

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Oldmum55 Sat 26-Oct-19 09:55:51

Last year I had an unusual spell of ill health which included stomach symptoms. Of course you Google it and the scary possibilities come up. In my case it was just viral but do have it checked with the doctor. Just to reassure you that it's not always something nasty.

Chivers53 Sat 26-Oct-19 10:14:07

Glad you have a doctor's appointment OP, it's always best to get checked out, and the stress of not knowing what's causing it sometimes makes it worse as well. Since giving birth I've developed something IBS like, but they're hesitant to put me on long term medication as usually it presents before now plus its only now and again. I get severe cramps that radiate round to my back, worse than labour to be honest, and doesn't seem to be triggered by particular foods; loads of tests later they can't find any other cause. I get the urge to go without much notice, they gave me some other symptoms to look out for and get checked out again if they make an appearance. Hope everything is good, Google definitely doesnt help!

HappyHarlot Sat 02-Nov-19 19:23:20

Did you have your GP appointment yet @Thelowquietsea?

Thelowquietsea Sun 03-Nov-19 10:13:32

Hello! Thanks for your concern - yes, saw doc and having blood tests and stool sample this week.

See what plays out!

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