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Smear test result waiting time

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twinkletoes33 Thu 24-Oct-19 19:10:30

Can I ask how long roughly I should expect to wait for my smear results? I know there's been a delay but just wondered how long people have waited recently.... the wait makes me anxious!

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dementedpixie Thu 24-Oct-19 19:11:31

I had my test today and was told 4-5 weeks

gubbsywubbsy Thu 24-Oct-19 19:12:00

I was told months but I got mine in about 4 weeks .

CryHavoc Thu 24-Oct-19 19:12:14

I had mine done in August and it was five weeks. Everything was clear.

onthecoins Thu 24-Oct-19 20:26:51

9 weeks in Cambridge.

Ellabella989 Thu 24-Oct-19 20:30:05

I was told 10 weeks and got it back in 8 (Derbyshire). Previous years it’s only taken about 10 days

Mintjulia Thu 24-Oct-19 20:30:59

Four weeks in Hampshire

iwillnevereatspaghetti Thu 24-Oct-19 20:33:26

Result in 2 weeks London ccg

twinsbelly Thu 24-Oct-19 20:37:27

Mine was the end of August and I'm still waiting.

Tanfastic Thu 24-Oct-19 20:39:31

Mine came back within 10 days. Lancashire.

twinkletoes33 Thu 24-Oct-19 21:14:15

Wow such different wait times.... I'm in Surrey, anyone from there? It's a shame it's taking 10+ weeks for results for some ladies, seems too long for something that they (quite rightly) push to make sure everyone attends.

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TankGirl97 Thu 24-Oct-19 21:18:27

I had one last week and was told six weeks til results.

namechangenumber2 Thu 24-Oct-19 21:20:12

Blimey mine was 3 weeks ago tomorrow and I'm still waiting, I thought that was a long time!!

StealthMama Thu 24-Oct-19 23:11:34

I thought if there was something found then the care pathway requires a response in 2 weeks, then everyone else goes into an admin pile. Not sure for certain though, that could just be my area.

gubbsywubbsy Fri 25-Oct-19 07:01:17

The thing is it's not like the two week wait when you have found something. It's just screening so I wasn't worried .. the nurse seemed very intent on assuring me a long wait was normal but it hadn't occurred to me to worry .. I am a glass half full person though so don't worry unless there is actually something to worry about ..
I'm in West Sussex in answer to the Surrey question so not sure if there use the same labs .. my nurse just said there was a back log which is good if lots of women are getting it done .

TroysMammy Fri 25-Oct-19 07:21:43

Mine took about 10 days. Having lletz in the past and yearly smears which have now ended, they only tested for HPV which causes cell changes. I won't be recalled for 5 years now. I'm in Swansea.

Wigeon Fri 25-Oct-19 07:24:00

I had mine recently and it took ages - maybe 10 weeks? Hertfordshire. They did say that if there was a problem they’d tell me quicker, but said it was taking several weeks at the moment.

Malibucyprus Fri 25-Oct-19 08:08:56

I had my smear on the 15th August, was told 2 week wait, but only received them this week.

I’m in the West Midlands.

areyouafraidofthedark Fri 25-Oct-19 08:18:51

I had mine done in April and took 9 weeks.

onthecoins Fri 25-Oct-19 17:15:26

Oh no, when I had abnormal cells a few years ago I heard from them in about 6 days. I think the long wait is just admin if it's clear.

Unwrittenrule Fri 25-Oct-19 17:18:05

I was told 2 weeks and it actually took 9 weeks, West Midlands area if that's any help.

justbeingelle Fri 25-Oct-19 17:21:01

Mine took around 1 week, I was told it would take up to 12 weeks.

OctoberLovers Fri 25-Oct-19 22:40:06

I had one. Results were back the week after.... Suffolk

BelaLug0si Fri 25-Oct-19 23:24:53

It isn't quicker if it's abnormal, as no one knows whether there is anything wrong with the cells until they are looked at.
The results get sent out from the lab pretty much as soon as the sample is read.
If the result shows that further investigation is needed, then that may be a 2 week wait appointment at colposcopy, depending on the abnormality.
There is a big difference between areas because of the conversion to primary HPV. Most of the labs in England are closing down and the samples will be sent for processing to one of 8 centres.

The latest data I saw recently does show a variation of between 2 - 10 weeks. Staff are leaving the labs which are closing down. Unfortunately it's going to be a difficult time to manage.

@twinkletoes33 the practice where you had your sample taken should be able to tell you what the current turnaround time is.

ChocOrCheese Sat 26-Oct-19 17:48:15

I was told 12 weeks but I would hear back sooner if there was a problem.

I was in such a hurry to get out of there I didn't ask how that could be. I mean, do they check everything within a week and then say "oh, that's normal, she can wait another 11 weeks before we bother to tell her"?

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