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MRI on my head. What to expect?

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AnAngelWithin Thu 16-Aug-07 10:49:25

cos i am petrified. just had my appointment through this morning for the 29th. Do they tell you there and then if there is anything wrong of what?? what does it entail?? sorry if i am being thick but i don't know anyone in RL who has had one.

pipsqueeke Thu 16-Aug-07 10:54:44

I have had a few actually. you go into the room (fully clothed iirc) all metal etc has to be off- incl tounge bars. and then they do the scan mine took about 45 mins ish. you lay down on a bed and it goes into the machine bit (not sure what they call it properly) it's like a big washing machine thou and basically you lay there - lcose your eyes and they do their stuff - it's quite noisey in there thou. you heere the screens moving about - I assume to take shots of all angles and thats it.

doens't hurt or anything. they don't tell you the results straight away as I understand it (from mine) the ladys doing the scans didn't understand what the results ment to I had to see the gyno after. which was a letter from her about a week later on.

what are they testing/looking for?

pinkbubble Thu 16-Aug-07 10:55:08

When I had an MRI scan, they didnt tell me there and then, but the Dr did tell me the next day.

Basically, what happens is you lie down on a kind of table, they put ear defenders on because it is very noisy. They will probably put your head in some sort of clamp to stop it from moving. The table slowly moves into the tunnel and stops. You have to lie completely still. You are given a panic button just incase. The tunnel is very small and its quite clostraphobic(sp). Think it lasts about 30-40 mins.

It is very noisy through out but it does not hurt.

Nip Thu 16-Aug-07 10:57:43

i had to have one on my head - i just lay there, and shut my eyes. Doesnt hurt, Doesnt do anything, but it make quite a loud noise. In fact its quite boring... you'll be fine

pinkbubble Thu 16-Aug-07 10:58:49

I also had mine done on the head as they were looking at my sinus's etc, halfway through they brought me out and had to inject a dye into my hand, and then put me in again to carry on the scanning.

misspiggy Thu 16-Aug-07 11:04:14

This gives some detail of the procedure - hope it helps.

Good luck Angel.

AnAngelWithin Thu 16-Aug-07 11:06:26

it sounds quite scary!! i dont like small spaces!!

they are scanning because of an increase in migraines and more severe symptoms.

poppyknot Thu 16-Aug-07 11:08:14

Don't be petrifed AAngelW.

I had one about three years ago..

Doesn't hurt , just a bit strange,lots of clunking and whirring. And unhurried thinking time (or take some good music in your head! Make sure it isn't Fifi or anything too annoying.....)

And then you get up and go. As it was I had to get my GP to chase the results.

Good luck.

pipsqueeke Thu 16-Aug-07 11:15:54

AAW - honestly there's nothing to it - althou it's a small space for your head - ther'es still room iycwim the top isn't literally on your nose if that makes sence? my DH was allowed to come in with me as well he had to stand away from the machine but they might let yours hold your hand or something - also the ladies talk to you as well. and when it stopped clicking DH was able to talk to me. so honestly there's nothing to it.

misspiggy Thu 16-Aug-07 11:25:15

Why don't you tell your doctor that you're petrified and he/she may be able to give you a sedative to calm you down during the scan?

Have you got someone who can go with you?

vole3 Thu 16-Aug-07 17:24:06

If you contact the MRI department they will be more than happy to let you view the scanner before your appointment date. They would rather do that than end up losing the scanning slot if you are unable to go through with it on the day.
The scan is noisy, boring, but is worth it. If you really cannot tolerate it, dependent on what they are looking for, a CT scan where you go through a hole in a big donut could be an alternative.

AnAngelWithin Thu 16-Aug-07 17:26:56

ok thanks.

dh might be able to come with me but it depends on if we can get someone to look after all 4 kids on the day!! otherwise he will have to look after them for me while i go on my own

mrschop Thu 16-Aug-07 19:51:48

I had an MRI scan on my head - is as others have said but I get claustraphobic and in the end had to come out of the tube before the scan was completed. You will lay down and they strap a sort of plastic frame around your head to hold it in place, which you can't release yourself. I couldn't stand the feeling of being "trapped" - completely irrational, as it is not at all hot, uncomfortable or painful.

Your GP can give you a mild sedative to help you if you think you might find it difficult. I ended up having my scan done in an "open" scanner - think that is only available privately and in a few locations around the country. That has one side of the machine which is open, rather than being in a tube. But you still have to have the frame clipped round your head, I just found it easier to bear with one side of the machine open (so I could have pulled myself out if I wanted to!). Despite having a panic button, which means they whisk you out of the scanner in an instant, I just didn't like the thought of not being able to release myself!

Hope that hasn't put you off - but I think it is quite common for people to be nervous, and to have a sedative.

hatwoman Thu 16-Aug-07 19:57:45

the people operating it can't be in the same room and because you're lying down you cna;t see them but they can talk to you through a microphone - they'll ask if you're ok, they'll tell you when the noise is going to start again and tell you when you need to be particularly still. it is a bit freaky but it's ok. you won't get results there and then - like others have said the people who can read it are not - usually - the ones who operate it. good luck.

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