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Sore , painful vulva, not itchy though

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whatsthatnow74 Thu 24-Oct-19 13:20:56

I've name changed for this.

I'm wondering if any of you recognise these symptoms and can give me some advice.
So, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a very localised feeling of discomfort on one side of my vulva, to the left side of my clitoris. I'd probably describe it as a dull pain in a very small, specific area. When I've looked, there isn't anything to see and, weirdly, when I touch the same spot, it doesn't particularly hurt (you would think it would be tender to the touch, but no).
This went on for a few days and then the discomfort became more generalised, so I wondered if it might be thrush (though having had thrush a few times in the past, it didn't really feel the same and it wasn't itchy). I bought clotrimazole cream which I used for a few days and then tried the oral capsule just in case that cream wasn't enough. Neither made a difference and when I've had thrush in the past, these meds have always cleared it.
I wondered if it might be hormone related as I'm 45 and have recently been told that my TSH levels are slightly elevated. My period was due this week so my plan has been to wait for it to start and see if anything improved.
My period started on Tuesday and I would normally wear tampons, but felt that it would be too uncomfortable so have worn pads instead which I hate!
Nothing has improved, if anything, it's worse. My whole vulva feels sore (though I haven't inspected it in the last few days due to bleeding, so I don't know if it looks sore or anything). The localised area is still the most noticable pain-wise. It's worse when I sit down.
It's really starting to get me down. I'm going to make a GP apppointment for next week when my period has finished, but in the meantime, does anyone have any thoughts what this could be or how I could soothe it?

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