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Pain pain pain!!

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Anniessa29 Thu 24-Oct-19 05:31:11

Hey Mommas!
Can someone tell me what’s going on. I had a c section (emergency) 6 months ago and ever since I have had this pain on my right side which starts on my inner thigh pelvic area and goes all the way to my kidneys and back. Most painful spots are the end of the c section scar, the area where the thigh connects to the groin and just below belly button when it’s pushed. I can’t walk properly because the pain gets really bad if I move around too much, sit for longer periods, walk and go up and down the stairs. When baby feeds (breastfeeding) From right breast I feel this pulling pain really bad down in pelvic area and gets worse and worse the longer she feeds. I have done loads of abdominal ultrasounds, 2 MRIs and 2 CTs of abdomen and pelvis all come out normal (Thank God). Has anyone experienced anything like this? Or know what might be the cause confused

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