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Chrome denture, help depressed with it all

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user1471465525 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:34:58

Poor you but that sounds more positive.I am totally the same when anything goes wrong with my teeth,at least your new dentist seems more understanding.

Peakypolly Wed 23-Oct-19 15:49:02

That sounds very positive.
I was/am very disinclined to visit the dentist but a good one can make all the difference. I’m glad you seem to have found one that is trying to get you sorted.

hoochymamgu Wed 23-Oct-19 15:46:48

You poor thing. Glad your feeling a bit better thanks

ToothBeTold Wed 23-Oct-19 15:34:45

I'm back. Probably nobody is reading but writing things down is cathartic.

I feel a lot lighter. She's taken my NHS plate and is having a tooth fitted to it. Painful tooth is coming out on Friday. I'm nervous, but I can see light at the end of a tunnel thats been painful for a year. A whole year of niggling, miserable pain and the worry of what happens when it has to come out.

NHS plate has been sanded to within an inch of it's life and is comfortable enough that it will be ok for now. Meanwhile I can have a Chrome Cobalt Denture. I need to wait until after Christmas for the extraction site to settle and then she can start the process. She tells me that whilst the roof of my mouth will still be covered to some extent, it won't be anywhere near as much as with the NHS Plate. It will cost between £550 and £650 depending on which teeth I choose apparently.

I don't expect this will be easy, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. And if I eat a bit less for the next few weeks whilst I'm getting used to it then it all helps.

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ToothBeTold Wed 23-Oct-19 13:27:23

Honestly, I'm a ridiculous wreck at the moment. I'm crying over it, feel like I can't plan anything in case I have to have a tooth out before a denture.
I'm utterly miserable.

Implants would be so very expensive for the amount i need so I'm leaning towards chrome.
I've done something unheard of for me and I'm in to see my Dentist at 2.20. I'm going to have a tooth added on to my NHS plate and get this sore one pulled so I can think a bit straighter. I'm also going to find out how I can get a chrome plate so I can at least begin to enjoy food again.
Fortunately DH gets it so the cost of the chrome I think will be ok.
So fed up.

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Chinnychinnychinnychib Wed 23-Oct-19 13:01:10

Poor, poor you. Teeth are complete bastards. I’m really quite dental phobic but I had implants under sedation, didn’t know a thing about it. Worth considering?

ToothBeTold Wed 23-Oct-19 11:06:16

This will be long. I'm sorry.

I'll start by saying I'm quite dental phobic and have been reasonably unlucky to meet a series of very unsympathetic NHS dentists.

My teeth started to suffer after DD was born and I'm now missing a lot of top back teeth. 18 months ago my old dentist had a plate made up for me. It hurt. Now I say this as someone who wore a plate brace for years as a teen and didn't have that much pain.
The top of the denture seemed to hook into my gums. The pain was horrendous, I had a mouth full of ulcers. I returned and asked her to help and was told off like a child. Apparently I needed to get used to them and stop moaning.
The result was they went in the bathroom cabinet and I never wore them again.

I changed dentist last week and my new one seems lovely. I showed her the plate, she dremmelled it slightly and suddenly it was comfortable. I could have cried. Only issue is, I still hate the feeling of the denture in the top of my mouth so I'm still not wearing it.

I'm having pain with a front high tooth and I know its going to have to come out. When it does I will have to wear the denture as the gap will be noticeable. I'm worried. I can't sleep, I have no appetite and I'm panicking because this plate is just not working.

I'm far too dental phobic for implants, which brings me to chrome dentures, with the roof of the mouth uncovered.

Does anyone have these? Can you give me an idea of costs? I'm only 40, the idea of a big bulky plate forever is depressing me and affecting my life. I need an alternative.
Help me please.

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