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constipation in 20 month old

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mummysue Wed 15-Aug-07 21:24:10

please help my daughter used to normally have regular bowel movements,several times a the last 4 weeks or so she keeps getting constipated.i cant understand why as her diet hasnt changed,she eats loads of fruit and drinks water,juice.her poo is very hard.can anyone recommend any foods that would make her go.her health is fine,except for this and it breaks my heart to see her straining herself.ive bought glycerine suppositories but dont want to go down this road.please help

3Ddonut Wed 15-Aug-07 21:38:58

I wouldn't give her any suppositories, it's a bit drastic in an adult and I'm not sure that they're safe for children. As it's been so warm lately I'd be tempted to say more water but does she get enough fibre in her diet? Give her fresh orange juice (diluted if you like) let the GP see her in case he/she has any better ideas. My dc get constipated from time to time with no real triggers and from the age of about 6months I've sat them on the toilet and in that position they tend to go, I also (sorry if tmi) press around the anus (on the bum cheeks) as they go to try to 'shape' the poo a bit so it's easier to pass (sorry!)

mummysue Wed 15-Aug-07 21:52:20

i was recommended the suppositories by the pharmasist,there not suppositories as such they for babies to kinda lubricate the bum.she has loadsa fibre,and water.ionly ever give her pure orange juice.ive tried sitting her on toilet,massaging tummy.the pharmasist also said i could give her a medicine to make her poo soft....cant think of name,but didnt want to start giving her these things........but i think i have no choice

mummysue Wed 15-Aug-07 21:53:19

lactulose is the name of the medicine,anyone ever used it

improvingslowly Wed 15-Aug-07 22:05:21

grapes (peeled chopped etc) and lots of drinks were recommended by my HV many years ago.

3Ddonut Wed 15-Aug-07 22:08:15

I had lactulose prescribed for ds when he was little and he had it a couple of times, was OK, I use it at work (nurse) it's gentle and does soften rather than anything else, I'd give it a's horrible to see them strain dd (14months) was tonight bless her....Good luck!

suwoo Wed 15-Aug-07 22:17:47

DS is suffering really badly with constipation too. He is 8 months and we are BLW so lots of fruit and veg etc and no crap. HV said today that too much fruit can make babies constipated. WTF is this true???????

fingerwoman Wed 15-Aug-07 22:19:43

yes it is true, too much fibre can cause constipation.

I would avoid weetabix and bananas (both renowned for causing constipation) increase fluid uptake and if that fails then a teeny tiny bit of pureed prune works wonders

3Ddonut Wed 15-Aug-07 22:25:02

Balance is the key ladies!!!! Goodnight (hope your little one is soon back to their normal self!)

TicTacsMum Wed 15-Aug-07 22:49:16

I put a few tablespoons of prune juice into dd's cereal with the milk each morning as she used to have this problem too. It seems to have sorted her out.

I used lactulose for myself when I was pregnant but it didn't have much effect to be honest.

popmum Wed 15-Aug-07 23:27:09

prune juice to drink helps massively with my ds! Quite nice too!

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