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Would serious bruising delay major surgery?

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fudgesmummy Tue 22-Oct-19 14:52:15

Hi all,
I’m due to have major surgery next Monday due to Stage one ovarian cancer ☹️
I managed to trip up coming out of the hospital last Friday and fell very very heavily onto a concrete path (right in the middle of a large muddy puddle, not my finest moment blush)
My right leg is very bruised and swollen, especially the shin and thigh, a friend has just said to me that they might not be willing to go ahead with the operation due to the risk of blood clots
Has anyone had any experience of this being the case?

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Nat6999 Tue 22-Oct-19 15:27:41

Get some arnica tablets, if you start them today, the worst of the bruising should be gone by next monday.

FadedRed Tue 22-Oct-19 15:33:25

It would very much depend on the extent of the bruising. You could ring the clinic/doctor and ask them, they may want to see you in the next couple of days to check it out. They won’t want to postpone unless the risk to you is higher than the risk of waiting IYSWIM.
Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it must be a very anxious time for you flowers

danni0509 Tue 22-Oct-19 15:39:07

Hope your ok thanks

Also sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

I would get some arnica tablets / cream. Also Epsom salts in your bath. To help clear the bruising up.

fudgesmummy Tue 22-Oct-19 18:58:55

Thank you for your replies, I have sent DH down to Sainsbury's for Arnica.
Yes, it has been a very stressful time, I'm just worried about everything ☹️

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Greybeardy Tue 22-Oct-19 22:41:21

you need to speak to the hospital you’ll be having the operation at & don’t start taking herbal stuff on the recommendation of strangers who know nothing about you! Arnica can interfere with clotting/may potentate anticoagulants (which you may be prescribed post-op). They’re unlikely to postpone cancer surgery just for bad bruising. (DOI: anaesthetist).

Fairylea Wed 23-Oct-19 08:31:59

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

Sometimes severe bruising does delay surgery but if the surgery is very urgent they will weigh up the risks and benefits and go ahead if they feel it’s important not to delay - as it sounds in your case it needs to happen.

My mum fell badly a week before her knee replacement and she was also on antibiotics which they say you shouldn’t be for surgery due to risk of infection and they still went ahead as they said it was more important to get it done.

Soontobe60 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:39:19

I agree with not taking anything! I'd phone the hospital today and ask their advice. Have you not had a pre op visit yet?

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