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Hobbling about with stuff ankles. Xrays clear!

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PearlsBeforeWine Tue 22-Oct-19 09:53:32

Just wondering if there are any ankles experts about!

I'm hobbling about every morning and it's driving me crazy. I had an xray last week and am so shocked it's not arthritis, obviously delighted but it doesn't get me any closer to sorting out the problem.

A year ago I ruptured my achilles tendon, recovered well but think wearing supportive shoes constantly might have weakened my feet?

A couple of months after I felt fully recovered, (in May) I suddenly developed plantar fasciitis for a couple of months after spending a week wearing docs on holiday... And now Its almost as though the pain subsided in my feet and switched to my ankles. Its been like this since end August.

I do keep active I guess, walking dog, doing half an hour on x trainer and other non impact stuff.

I'm not perimenopausal, it's not arthritic apparently... Could it be complications from my rupture?

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SilentNightTime Wed 23-Oct-19 17:56:22

I had plantar fasciitis, but luckily fairly mild, and it resolved itself quite quickly when I did some exercises I found online. Eg standing toes on stairs then letting heels drop, then raising them higher than my toes. If that doesn't help I'd recommend seeing a podiatrist as the can really help any problems that stem from feet (ie not just foot pain) HTH, good luck

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