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Nauseous for months .

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Livedandlearned Tue 22-Oct-19 13:47:08

I get this too op. I keep saying I'm sick of feeling sick.
Hope you get it sorted out thanks

Catscat Tue 22-Oct-19 13:23:21

No I'm not 🙁, I noticed problems when I went on the pill 3 years ago but stopped after I experienced nausea . This year it's been more or less every day

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Oldmum55 Tue 22-Oct-19 11:16:54

Good starting point checking the liver Catscat then I guess it could be glall bladder issues also stomach problems like gastritis. Are you on any medications as it could be a side effect.

Catscat Mon 21-Oct-19 22:30:09

I've had this nausea for months now , it's a mixture of pregnancy nausea and the nausea you get when nervous .

It's worse when I have anything alcoholic

somtimes It does stop me fro. Being able to finish a meal
Having bloods tomorrow to check liver
Anyone got a clue ?

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