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2 week referral support

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MyBeloved Mon 21-Oct-19 21:20:55

Hi everyone

So, I got a 2 week wait referral to a gastroenterologist today. I'm feeling a bit nervous and wondered if anyone else was in the same situation so we could support one another?


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DobbinsVeil Tue 22-Oct-19 13:45:18


I've got my appointment under the 2 week pathway next week, but it's to a gynaecologist. I'm not sure whether I'll have any kinds of tests on the day, or whether it's to ascertain whether I need further investigation. So feeling a bit clueless.

I hope you're feeling as ok as is possible. flowers

MyBeloved Tue 22-Oct-19 17:57:17


Sorry you are also having to follow the 2 week pathway. Just like you, I'm pretty clueless about what will happen on the day. I'm assuming a chat, an examination then a decision moving forward re: further investigation.

Hope next week comes quickly, that nothing sinister is found, and you feel better very soon flowers

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DobbinIsUnVeiledAsSatan Thu 24-Oct-19 06:13:47

MyBeloved thanks.

Have you got your appointment details through? I googled mine for clues but came up blank! It's in the general outpatients rather than a specific clinic so I'm even more convinced it's to assess if I need a scan etc.

I hope you get a good outcome too. flowers

DobbinIsUnVeiledAsSatan Thu 24-Oct-19 06:15:06

Sorry, I've namechanged for Halloween, forgot to change back!

MyBeloved Thu 24-Oct-19 16:27:30

Yes, my appointment is next weekend! I think the consultant specialises in lower GI, according to Google smile

You could always give the hospital a call and ask what his speciality is.

What day is your appointment next week?

grin @ namechange

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PumpkinPandaandBlackTurtleCat Fri 25-Oct-19 00:10:17

Hope it turns out to be nothing / something easy to solve for you both, quite nerve wracking waiting.

I've had a few 2 week wait things (mainly due to lots of bleeding from everywhere) so have had gynae x 2, bladder x 2 and bowel.

First appointment they normally discuss symptoms with you, I've normally had blood tests done in advance by doctor but if not these are generally done then as well as tests they can do there and then. Bladder was blood tests for cancer, urine test for infections that day then ct scan was ordered - was all clear but had a rare infection picked up privately which NHS had missed. So was just given 14 days antibiotics. When had on nHS they did a cystoscopy rather than CT, also clear, just inflamed.

Bowel it was discussing and sigmoidoscopy that day and then colonoscopy under anesthetic a week later - this one was private. All clear.

Gynae was a while back and NHS both times. Before both first appointments I had had scan at doctors surgery. Can't remember exactly what happened other than discussing it. In both cases scans showed fibroids and they then did uterine biopsies both times under generals which were clear. Second time they did an operation to remove fibroids whilst under general. That's obviously for uterine cancer, not sure what they do for ovarian - all though during pregnancy I had a growth on ovaries shown on a scan I had because of lots of bleeding and a big blood clot in uterus whilst pregnant and they did an ovarian cancer blood test so maybe that first of all.

Good luck for the appointments, it's far more often nothing than anything serious but best to get checked. Also if they take a long time to get back to you with results it's generally all clear, took 3 months to get my gynae results second time, first time was 2 days which scared me as normally you get told fast with bad news but was all clear.

DobbinIsUnVeiledAsSatan Fri 25-Oct-19 10:09:32

MyBeloved glad you've got the appointment through. Will you be taking anyone with you?

My appointment is Wednesday. I've found info on a private hospital which lists her Specialist interests as menstrual disorders and postmenopausal health. So no mention of oncology. It does say on the letter it could be one of the team I see. This is why I think tests are unlikely on the day. And tbh I'm expecting the problems may be put down to my age (42), weight (too much) and thyroid condition.

Pandas glad you got answers but y you must have had some worrying timed.
My symptoms would fall under querying ceverical or endometrial cancer, but I'm sure it's from being cautious, rather than really suspecting IYKWIM.

I was told in one of my pregnancies I have a bicornuate uterus, but this was subsequently disputed.

MyBeloved Sat 26-Oct-19 19:47:30

@PumpkinPandaandBlackTurtleCat, thank you for sharing your experiences. It sounds like you were well looked after on each occasion which is very reassuring. I hope you are ok now flowers

@DobbinsVeil, how are you feeling? It really is a blessing and a worry being on this 2 week pathway, but as Pumpkin said, it is good to remember that most of the time our symptoms are due to non-sinister reasons flowers

Yes, I will be taking my husband with me. Are you going with anyone to your appointment?

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DobbinIsUnVeiledAsSatan Mon 28-Oct-19 01:52:33

It's a strange situation to be in. I know I'm fortunate the nurse practitioner didn't dismiss me and for having a system where I get seen quickly. But it's hard to not just have a little worry too. My google search history sleep pattern is definitely telling tales on me!

My husband will be coming with me. His parents have had to know, as his dad books work for him still and there's just no chance of a discreet day off. Not without a massive row anyway! So they're looking after DC as it's half-term.

How are you feeling? flowers

Caelaj07 Mon 28-Oct-19 11:40:25


How’s everyone getting on with their 2ww? I’ve just joined the 2ww this morning for a growth on my neck. It’s nerve wracking not knowing

MyBeloved Mon 28-Oct-19 16:17:57

@DobbinsVeil, glad ypur husband is going with you, and everything crossed for you this week flowerswine
Ah, it sucks that you have had to tell your in laws, are they being supportive?

Welcome @Caelaj07, how are you feeling?

I'm just trying not to think too much about this coming weekend and am trying to keep busy!

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ForeverBaffled Mon 28-Oct-19 16:53:01

Hi everyone, so sorry everyone is facing this agonising wait too. I’m on the 2ww as of last Friday for gynaecology (bleeding outside of periods, ?cervical ectropian and positive for HPV) and still waiting on an appointment date. Have a really really bad feeling about it but am hoping that’s just my anxiety talking. Have been totally catastrophising but trying to reign myself in.

Hand holds for everyone!

Caelaj07 Mon 28-Oct-19 17:06:15

@MyBeloved I honestly go between thinking I’m ridiculous and I’ll be fine to almost tears thinking what if I’m not I’ve 2 young children and my husband would struggle to run his business without me
@foreverbaffled the anxiety is awful

ForeverBaffled Mon 28-Oct-19 18:21:31

@Caelaj07 I’m sorry you’re so anxious too. I keep worrying about dying and leaving my 2 year old without a mummy. It sounds so dramatic when I write that down but those thoughts do creep in. Thinking of you.

Caelaj07 Mon 28-Oct-19 19:29:43

@ForeverBaffled I know what you mean, you can’t help but think them. I’ve got a 1 year old and a 6 year old. Sending hugs

mummymayhem18 Mon 28-Oct-19 21:19:35

I hope you all get on ok with your appointments and can have your minds eased with it being nothings sinister. Easier said than done I know ☺️

MyBeloved Mon 28-Oct-19 21:20:22

Welcome @ForeverBaffled, and sorry you are also in this position of being on the 2 week pathway. The bleeding could be due to so many things, everything crossed here for you. Hopefully you will have your appointment through very soon.

@Caelaj07 It is worrying - and there is so much on TV about cancer that I think it sometimes skews things for us. I am sure each one of us has had those horrible thoughts. I know I have. I also don't want to worry those around me so I tend to keep it all inside, how I'm really feeling. It is good we now have this thread of support flowers

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ForeverBaffled Tue 29-Oct-19 06:55:56

Thank you @MyBeloved, that’s really kind. I totally understand about wanting to keep it inside - somehow it makes it less real as well flowers

I woke at 3am and lay there worrying for 2 hours in the night. I really hope the hospital call today as having a date in mind would really help I think.

Hope everyone is okay today.

Caelaj07 Tue 29-Oct-19 17:19:18

@MyBeloved it is good we have this for support, maybe it’s worth telling someone so you don’t have to keep everything inside. I’ve only had old my husband and no one else but it’s hard when people ask what’s wrong, why are you quiet. Has anyone got their appointments coming up?

MyBeloved Tue 29-Oct-19 19:23:24

@DobbinsVeil good luck for tomorrow flowers

Hoping everyone is ok today.

I had my blood results back (they took bloods just after my GP appointment) and all came back normal so feeling a little more relaxed.

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Caelaj07 Tue 29-Oct-19 19:32:59

@DobbinsVeil good luck for tomorrow

@MyBeloved That’s good news that your blood tests have come back all clear

DobbinIsUnVeiledAsSatan Tue 29-Oct-19 20:17:07

I've lost my post about 3 times today 🤦.

Thanks for the good wishes. Took the DC to my in-laws for a sleepover as my appointment is early and we live an hour away.

Glad your bloods came back ok MyBeloved

Sorry you're experiencing symptoms that put you on the pathway ForeverBaffled & Caelaj07.

Mine is exactly 2 weeks from when I went to the GP. I got a letter confirming the referral had been made 2 days after the GP appt, with a number to call if I hadn't been contacted by the same date as I got the letter. I rang and was told the time and date and that a letter had been sent, which I got a couple of days later.

I'm still none the wiser what will actually happen at the appt but I guess I'll be finding out soon enough!

Hoping for the best outcomes for us

I'm going to hit post before I lose this one too

MyBeloved Tue 29-Oct-19 20:21:57

Caelaj07, how are you today? You got your appointment through yet?

@mummymayhem18, thank you, that's really kind smile

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MyBeloved Tue 29-Oct-19 20:38:16

Fingers crossed for you, @DobbinIsUnVeiledAsSatan 🤞Please do let us know how you get on flowers. Just think, this time tomorrow it will be over and hopefully you will be feeling a sense of relief.
The sequence of events you described are identical to mine. I was told to contact the hospital if I had not heard anything within 5 days, amd I heard after 2.

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