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What could this pain be?

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tumblelord Mon 21-Oct-19 20:16:24

- Constant dull pain in chest. It is always in the middle area of the chest, sometimes more on the left and other sides more on the right.
- Other symptoms were wind, acid reflux, nausea, stomach and back pain but Omeprazole has mostly stopped these symptoms although there is still a lot of burping going on.
- Currently waiting for gallbladder removal surgery.
- Blood test, ECG, blood pressure, etc all came back normal. No scans or x-rays done yet.
- Doctors think it's probably a gastric issue but haven't ruled out a respiratory problem.

What could this be?

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bestbefore Mon 21-Oct-19 20:21:04

Could be this -

TwinkleRedMoon Mon 21-Oct-19 20:34:14


Flossie44 Mon 21-Oct-19 23:12:09

Does it hurt to apply pressure??

jalopy Wed 23-Oct-19 19:54:12

Er...if you're waiting for gallbladder removal, surely the chest pain is related to that? Gallstones.

PurpleFrames Wed 23-Oct-19 20:36:54

I second @bestbefore on the costondritis- I had as much pain with that during flare ups as when I had broken ribs

Flossie44 Wed 23-Oct-19 22:31:51

Totally agree. The pain can be immense!! Mine comes and goes depending on stress levels wierdly. I guess I tense up, and subsequently trigger an episode. The pain is sickening!!

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