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Kidney Infection?

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Orangepancakes Fri 18-Oct-19 11:58:04

I get frequent UTIs, usually once a month or so. These are treated with a short course of antibiotics (Nitrofurantoin), which always works.

This current infection I've had for about three weeks. Completed a one week course of Nitrofurantoin last Friday which didn't work (the WBC was higher than before the antibiotics). So now I've been put on a one week course of Trimethoprim. I've taken two days worth so far (four doses) but I feel worse than before. I've had a headache for three days, nausea, absolutely exhausted and I can 'feel' my kidneys. It's not pain but like sore discomfort. I feel like it's a kidney infection now but obviously I'm no doctor. Do I need a consult for a kidney infection?

The last time I had one I had no idea other than a fever of 40 and ended up in hospital for a week. I had an evening of fevering two nights ago but now I just feel a bit cold.

Don't want to hassle the doctors. Will the antibiotics kick in at some point? I feel dreadful, haven't moved out of bed yet! Normally I can't stop for anything. Don't want to ask for an emergency appointment on a Friday when I'm not even fevering anymore. I don't know what else they can do really, I've just been very bored and feeling sorry for myself in bed!

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Mumma1984 Fri 18-Oct-19 12:23:38

From someone who's had loads of kidney problems I would just see if you can have a quick phone app maybe but I would double check. I usually got a really bad pain and an ache when I had kidney problems x

oreosoreosoreos Fri 18-Oct-19 12:44:54

When I had a kidney infection the pain was in my back, and so bad that I couldn't stand up.

I personally can't tolerate nitrofurantonin- it makes me feel nauseous and dizzy - as you feel fine on it normally I wonder if the trimethoprim effects you in a similar way?

Given your history though, I'd definitely get an appt today. If it is a kidney infection they can be really nasty.

As an aside, if you're getting a UTI every month, you should be getting a referral to a urologist! I used to suffer in a similar way and was proscribed low-dose antibiotics to take on days when I had sex, which I took for years with no issues.

Orangepancakes Fri 18-Oct-19 13:03:26

I have had a referral and operation earlier this year but nothing's changed unfortunately. I just feel dead on my feet. Standing up is exhausting and making me breathless. I wonder if it's the antibiotics too, I've never had them before. They also make my legs/bum really itch! Which is weird.

I've got an appointment in a few weeks time- requested by the doctors, I think to talk about a plan of action. The low dose after sex did vaguely work but it's urine retention that does it too.

The back pain isn't bad at all, just feel that I could pin point my kidneys! It's more the exhaustion and sicky headaches. Going to try and have a kip

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