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I hate my teeth but I'm scared of dentist

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helplessmumof2 Thu 17-Oct-19 21:38:45

Hi my first time posting , I need help to get over my fears of dentist my teeth are rotting away I have two black wholes in two teeth . Also tonight I have knock my front fillingsad I have booked a emergency dentist appointment for tomorrow but already don't want to go & just pick up some temporary fillers from the chemist 😕

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user1469525654 Fri 18-Oct-19 09:45:22

Hi helpless
I share your phobia of dentists and had to go myself this week due to pain. I was petrified. The dentist has referred me to a community NHS dental clinic that specialise in phobia and complex dentistry. I believe all areas in the UK have this service and are able to use sedation etc to help with fear. I haven't had any treatment yet but I need six fillings and two teeth removing. If you can tolerate just an examination your dentist can refer you to fix the front teeth and even glue them back in for you temporarily with really strong adhesive until your referral comes through

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