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Does anyone know what the hell is going on with my chin/lips?

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Rosstofer Thu 17-Oct-19 14:39:43

Had a couple of chin spots that seem to have escalated and is now very sore/peeling. Some spots have now popped up on my lips and I have a massive blister on the inside of my lip?!

No different products used, nothing has changed etc.

Is it an infection?

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CherryChapst1ck Thu 17-Oct-19 14:43:24

Looks like impetigo

kjhkj Thu 17-Oct-19 14:44:12

looks like early stages of impetigo to me but Im no doctor

Rosstofer Thu 17-Oct-19 14:45:36

Oh no 😩 well at least that's the mystery solved. Thought it was the pill for a second!

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HotCrossPun1 Thu 17-Oct-19 14:48:48

I think maybe impetigo too. If it is, it’s catching so careful not to share towels etc but will respond well to antibiotics. You need to pop along to the doctor.

jokerreturns Thu 17-Oct-19 14:51:55

Does look like impetigo to me too.
Can feel burny on your skin, itchy and you might have a slightly raised temperature or just feel under the weather!

It's also very contagious so good luck, get some cream (think it's fucidin that gets prescribed!) and hopefully it doesn't spread any further

Rosstofer Thu 17-Oct-19 14:53:33

Currently have some sudocrem slathered on it! Bit my lip yesterday and it completely swelled up on one side and this morning it is blistered on the inside so must of been how I caught it!

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kjhkj Fri 18-Oct-19 08:48:16

You don't catch impetigo by biting your lip. You need antibiotics since you shouldn't be in contact with other people at the moment.

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