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Could I have an STD?

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TrySleepingWithABrokenHeart Wed 16-Oct-19 12:21:13

I posted this in chat but I’ve had no replies:

I have another thread running in Relationships so I hope no one minds me starting another.

I have been with my husband for about 12 years. In the early months of our relationship, I was very young and going through a really difficult time in my life and I was unfaithful to him on numerous occasions. I had an STD test which came back that I had chlamydia and we were both treated. I don’t think I slept with anyone else after that infection but I can’t say that for 100% because I can’t remember that time in my life with a lot of clarity. In over 11 years that have passed since then, I have been completely faithful. DH and I went on to have 2 children and I know they test for some STDs in pregnancy. I have also had swabs done by the GP 3 times. Actually, twice by the GP, once by my midwife. Twice was for suspected thrush and once was for lower abdominal pain. The swabs came back positive for thrush the first 2 times and positive for a bacterial infection the 3rd time (I remember the word E-coli being mentioned). Anyway those swabs didn’t pick up any STD’s but I don’t know if a GP/midwife would have had them tested for them? I just wondered if there is anyone on here who may know more about this and may be able to help ☺️ Thank you.

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Mintypea5 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:25:04

The blood tests at booking do a test for some STDs but things like chlamydia and gonorrhea wouldn't come up in that. I think they only test for those if you're under 25.

The swab that tests for thrush wouldn't show them up either (it would show BV and StrepB etc) I have had reoccurring thrush this pregnancy and some spotting so at my last swab for thrush they also got me to do a different swab which would test for chlamydia and gonorrhea just to rule that out as a cause for spotting.

If you're genuinely concerned you have them then you can request a swab for them

TrySleepingWithABrokenHeart Wed 16-Oct-19 12:27:10

See I was 24 in my first pregnancy but I don’t remember having any swans done then so I’m guessing they didn’t test me?

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Mintypea5 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:30:44

They may not have tested you. If you're concerned you have it I'd just ask to be tested.

TrySleepingWithABrokenHeart Wed 16-Oct-19 22:47:15

Thanks Minty. Going to go to the clinic next week and have some swabs done for peace of mind.

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