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Anyone had this - red circles on eyes, burst blood vessels?

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MountainDweller Wed 16-Oct-19 00:22:31

I've had this happen three or four times in the last month - they seem to come out of nowhere though today I have another one and I noticed my eyes felt dryer than usual. They are like bright red circles on the whites of my eyes, google suggest burst blood vessels and not dangerous. They fade over about 5 days. I'm just slightly worried because I've never had them before and have now had several in a relatively short space of time. I have ocular rosacea but this is not normally a symptom. I am on mild steroid drops and lubricating drops - have regular check ups (every 3 months) with an ophthalmologist, this is mostly to check pressure in the eyes as the steroids can cause glaucoma. And I have high blood pressure (controlled with meds), which I think can be a cause.

I can call my eye dr in the morning but she will probably just say come in... but she won't be in till Thursday, we live abroad and are leaving on Thursday for the U.K. for my FIL's funeral. I no no one can tell me for sure but any similar stories? Is it serious? Spending tomorrow at the eye doctor's would not be idea!

If all is ok, any tips on how to make them go quickly? I'm about to bump into lots of people I haven't seen for years and it's not my best look (lighthearted... yes I know it's shallow). I'm rinsing them often with cold solution and putting in plenty of lubricating drops.

Thanks to anyone who knows anything about these!

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underneaththeash Wed 16-Oct-19 11:44:42

That amount of subconjunctival haemorrhages is not normal. You need to see your GP Before you go to check your blood pressure, check for diabetes.
Are you using the steroid drops for dry eye, or for another reason? Any other medication? Aspirin for example.

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