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Anxious256 Tue 15-Oct-19 00:54:16

I had the start of a cold and tickly cough last weekend. By wednesday i was full of cold and have been feeling tired and drained. On sunday came out in about 6 coldsores all round my mouth. Yesterday was sick a couple of times. Have now woken up with a headake. Still nhave the cough. Anything i can do to speed up recovery?

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Anxious256 Wed 16-Oct-19 03:35:45

Any tips on boosting my imune system. Struggling to sleep with a cold.

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RosemarySquash Wed 16-Oct-19 16:07:46

Zinc and vitamin C. Lots of fluids. I also find going vegetarian speeds up recovery when I have a cold.

Anxious256 Wed 16-Oct-19 18:17:18

Thanks to be honest have not really been able to eat much.

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