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Tingly lips, mouth and throat

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Pea2019 Mon 14-Oct-19 17:52:25


I’m 38 weeks 5 days pregnant.

On Friday i had soup for lunch and afterwards my lips and tongue went really tingly and a little numb (it’s hard to explain). Didn’t think anything of it, assumed pregnancy related. Last night we had dinner and straight afterwards the same thing happened but my throat felt a little odd too. I immediately thought allergy and took some Piriton but then thought it was best to go to the nearest Urgent Care unit just to be safe.

I tried to see if there was an ingredient in fridays lunch and lastnight’s dinner that was the same and found Celery was in both. Apparently this is an allergen so i told myself i’d avoid this from now on. Urgent care said it sounds like an intolerance rather than an allergy as i didn’t get a rash and my breathing is fine etc.

Anyway, went to lunch today and made sure there was no celery in the ingredients and the same thing happened! Just went to the Dr and she said this may just be one of those strange things that pregnancy does to you. But it’s making me not want to eat now (cereal was fine this morning though!).

Has anyone else experienced this? It’s really not nice and i’ve just been told to take a daily antihistamine until baby arrives.

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Millie2013 Mon 14-Oct-19 20:59:48

DD has something called Oral allergy syndrome, which gives those symptoms. Might be worth a thought. She reacts to a few different fruits, vegetables and nuts and the reactions are not thought to be dangerous, like anaphylaxis, but she does find them distressing at times (she’s only 6 though)

Pea2019 Mon 14-Oct-19 22:43:12

Hmm, i wonder if its permanent or if it will go after pregnancy? I love vegetables! does she take anything to help with symptoms or just lets it go naturally?

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