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Thyroid maybe?

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sideorderofchips Sat 12-Oct-19 20:13:07

Hi all

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis a couple of years ago and have been on thyroxine ever since

But in the las 12 months or so I’m getting a lot of joint pain, dizziness, really forgetful and can’t remember words in a conversation, forgetful around the house

I’m also getting warm water sort of sensation in my ankle

I’ve had my thyroxine levels checked and I’m stable on my current dose

I’m not sure whether to go back to the doctor with all these fairly new issues or just get on with it. I’m in jersey so it costs me £45 to go to the doctors.

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nearlynermal Sat 12-Oct-19 20:14:44

I got diagnosed hashimoto and menopause at the same time. Could it be perimenopause symptoms?

sideorderofchips Sat 12-Oct-19 20:41:52

It would be early onset if it is. I’m 34 but it could be. I have nothing to compare to as my mum had a hysterectomy at 30

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