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Adults: Change in behaviour

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shhhh Tue 14-Aug-07 13:54:27

just posting this on behalf of my mum and posibly myself as im quite concerned about my dad.

He's 60 and is in ok health given his age. He does have diabetes and its diet controlled

He's always been "aggressive" by that I mean,he's always spoken his mind and sometimes come across as quite rude although we have always passed it off as im coming across wrongly or due to him being partially deaf.

I noticed a few weeks ago a change in him, in that although he seemed annoyed he seemed more "aggressive" than normal. ie blaming me etc. Mum and my sister have just returned from a few weeks holiday with him and they have commented same. He seems forgetful,ignorant,absent minded and mainly aggressive. To the point that he was threatened by some bloke. Now this makes me quite sad and worried as alhough my dad has always been confontational he's not the type to start a fight.

Any advice.? Im not sure if its the generation we live in now....years ago you comment on someone and it got washed ovr someone head but now someone would think nothing of starting a fight for you voicing your opinion iykwim..... OR should I be right to be worried about my dad....?

My main worry is that dad had a brain tumour around 20 years ago, I don't remember much about it or how his behaviour was but speaking to mum today she voiced the same concerns.
I have suggested she gets him a gp's appointment and discusses it to the gp's before the appointment,just so the gp has the full concerns from both sides...

I may not be able to reply straight away but value any advice. x

RuthChan Tue 14-Aug-07 15:41:05

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.
As I'm sure you know, brain tumours can result in changes in personality and behaviour, depending on where in the brain they are.
However, they aren't the only possible reason for such changes. Aggression could be caused by his own frustration about his deafness, or some other physical pain. It could also just be a natural part of the aging process in your father's case. Everyone reacts to getting older and slowing down differently.
Although the aggression is probably not caused by anything major, it does sound like a good idea for him to see his GP. It would put yours and your mother's minds at ease to know either way.
Do you think your father would be prepared to go to the doctor, or do you think he would object and deny that there's anything wrong?

shhhh Wed 15-Aug-07 16:46:05

rc thanks for your reply. My mum has spoken to dads gp and they are both booked to see her this week.

Just hope its a sign of the diabetes...thanks again x

newlifenewname Wed 15-Aug-07 16:47:22

Diabetes itself can cause aggression - is he being checked regularly?

FioFio Wed 15-Aug-07 16:47:39

Message withdrawn

shhhh Wed 15-Aug-07 16:55:43

yes he was/is being checked regularly and was due to nxt go sept..nurse suggested to mum its brought forward to this week. Apparently she said its known about BUT its usually partners report it as the patients don't see any problem iykwim. Thing is it seems dad knows things are not normal iykwim..He also pointed it out to mum yesterday and has agreed for her to attend the appoinmtnet.
Think bloods will be done. x

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