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Aching joint, muscles and twitching. Am i going mad?

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Beaverdam Thu 10-Oct-19 13:11:32

Hello. I am driving myself crazy with worry.

I was bit on holiday and had chest infection/flu/ear infection a few days later. Doctor tested me for lyme, inflammation, b12, full blood count, thyroid, diabetes and a few others which all came back clear.

I was prescribed antibiotics for the ear infection but on day 5 of taking them, i started getting pain in knee and feet. Dr thinks its anxiety induced but i dont underatand why i would be feeling pain in my joints and muscles form anxiety. The twitching is also driving me mad.

Last night, i dont feel like a could swallow on the one side, like something was there. I put my finger inside and theres a lump next to the epiglottis. I lost a stone in a dew weeks despite eating like a pig.

Im so worried that something is very wrong and its driving me mad. Has anyone had anything like this? I have another appointment with the doc tomorrow and i feel so stupid because the bloods are all normal.

Thanks to anyone who reads.

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BusterGonad Thu 10-Oct-19 16:35:23

It all sounds quite worrying, especially the wright loss and joint issues, are your bowels normal?

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