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Joint pain - toe, knee, upper spine and shoulder

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twiglet123 Thu 10-Oct-19 09:51:30

I’m 40 years old and have had joint pains for about a year in my big toe, knee, point where the shoulder becomes the neck and right shoulder/collarbone.
Had an x-ray of my toe which showed ‘early degenerative changes’ and I’m currently seeing a physio regarding my shoulder and collarbone pain. He is giving me exercises but they are not really helping. I have a desk job and my posture isn’t great so I wonder if sitting at a computer and using the mouse are exacerbating this.
I’m taking max dose of paracetamol daily which does help a bit but doesn’t feel like a long term solution and doesn’t cure the pain. Being in pain in all these different parts of my body is making me feel ancient and I have young children I want to play with!!
I’m seeing the GP next week but I wondered - what should I be asking for? Has anyone experienced similar?

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