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insect bites - prevention and cure please!

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cookiesandcream Tue 14-Aug-07 09:26:48

Went to a bar-b-que on Sat and was bitten twice on my right foot. One bite has all but disappeared the other is red, itchy and so swollen my ankle looks pregnant I went to the chemist and got amthasan yesterday but the redness is still spreading and the itching is driving me mad - any ideas to help?
Also I am at a hog roast on Fri and don't want to get bitten again whats the best prevention product to use - ideally something that I can use on a 2 year old too.

loopylou6 Tue 14-Aug-07 10:36:44

for prevention, try the insect repellents, jungle is quite a good one to try, also invest in some afterbite stuff and as soon as u know u have been bitten apply the afterbite, stings abit and smells like wee but works a treat lol, as for your foot u need to get to the docs asap, sounds like the bite has gotton infecvted and u may need antibiotics or u could have "celluitus" (sp?) i had it from a lil cut on my foot it is actually blood poisoning so u obviousley dont wanna leave it, dont get me wrong im not trying to scare u and im not saying run screaming to a&e lol, but u should get an appointment today, good luck

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