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Ablation without GA

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Twirlypoos Tue 08-Oct-19 19:43:04

Posted in women’s health but it seems a bit quiet over there.... I’m due to have ablation with out GA next week and unsurprisingly have got cold feet about it. Has anyone else had this done?

I had the hysteroscopy without local and it was uncomfortable but ok but worried about a more invasive procedure.

Ironically since the hysteroscopy my periods have reverted from being super heavy and bleeding 20 days out of 30 to being regular and only bleeding for about 3-4 days.

I’ve had endometriosis Lasered in the past and currently have bloating- I currently look 8 months pregnant but am not convinced as my periods have slowed that these are now the reason for this.

Other issues - falling out hair, really low iron - I take iron tablets but it doesn’t seem to have raised it. And TSH of 5,75 which is too borderline to treat apparently.

And also how long recovery takes, consultant said I’d be back at work the next day but I’m not convinced

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